Random Thought on Open Source

Was just talking about Microsoft Office 2007 with business partner.  Like most, he hates the ribbon.  I did too at first.  Gradually, I learned to like it.  I still think it’s screen-hogging size is a problem, but overall I think Microsoft did a good job making it usable and organized.  The true problem with the ribbon is that it takes away your option of using the old interface that you learned.  It’s biggest flaw is that you can’t turn it off; it is forced on you.

If Office was open source, there would already be addons that let you turn it off, use a classic menu bar, and make the buttons smaller to save screen real estate.

The meme is that the for-profit model ensures that where there is demand, demand is met.  But that’s not what we see here.  Instead, we see profits interfereing with choice in the market.  Just thought it was an interesting point worth making.

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