Linux Update

Two obstacles down.  First, Quickbooks.  Got QB 2002 to work in WINE with no effort.  There is an error message that pops up every time you open the program, but if you dismiss the error it seems to work fine.  Now, this may make some people uncomfortable, as Quickbooks is one of those programs where you definately do NOT want to corrupt data.  But I have been making regular backups; the files open in windows just fine, so I’m going to keep using Quickbooks in Linux.

Second, Photoshop.  CS3 does not work whatsoever.  But, I had an older copy of photoshop 7 that works flawlessly.  GIMP is going to work for most people, but I am a developer, so whenever I need to create an image I’m on a time constraint and I simply don’t always have the time to explore GIMP and figure out how to do something that would take me 2 seconds in Photoshop.  I’ve got photoshop 7, and I can live with that.

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