Hillary Clinton, #HillaryMen, and 1% Feminism

I’ve ventured back into Twitter, in what is sure to be a short-lived mistake. A good example of why I hate it happened today. I don’t remember when I followed him, but this guy has been stumping hard for Hillary Clinton over the last few weeks. Today I get this:

A perennial frustration for me is watching fans of Hillary Clinton portray her as a champion of women simply because she is a woman. Never mind the Clinton welfare reform that caused real, measurable harm to countless women who were forced out of the home, bused for hours to shit jobs, basically turned into indentured servants under the threat of starving their children. Or the Clinton crime bill which moved countless men, disproportionately black, from their homes into the prison system, leaving women with more responsibility and fewer means.

Or, most importantly, never mind the Iraq war and it’s horrific impact on countless women:

Hillary Clinton was not just another Democrat supporting the war. She was instrumental in the Bush administration’s efforts to drum up support among Democrats. 600K dead. How many women among them? How many wives lost their husbands, mothers their sons? And despite this, she remains an incredibly hawkish, bellicose Democrat in support of endless war. About the post-Qaddafi bloodbath in Libya (note: there are women there) she said “We came, we saw, he died.” When Obama declared that he would not nuke Pakistan or Afghanistan (also countries where women live) she rebuked him for it and said that option should remain on the table. She said in the debate that she wants the US to take more of a military leadership role in the world. She bragged more than once about her role in bringing about sanctions on Iran, an act of economic warfare estimated to have killed 500,000 children (undoubtedly some female). According to Hillary Clinton, women in places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan literally have no right to live. American actions that kill them are justifiable in terms of “interests” and do not violate any basic moral tenets or rights. This is what I was confronting Peter Dou about. The right of Billions of women to not be killed.

The reply? See for yourself:

Asked about hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, Peter Dou replies by ignoring them completely so that he can defend a rich, elite, white, American woman – perhaps the most powerful woman on earth – from sexist language. This is what the Clinton campaign is all about. Serving the interests of the powerful elite at the expense of the poor and powerless. And make no mistake, to them the 95% of women on earth who are not American, have no rights, no value, and aren’t even worth mentioning.

Of the world’s women, 95% do not live in America. For them, the only issue in American politics is our use of the military. Planned Parenthood (as important as it is here) does not affect them. And out of the 5% of women who do live here, 40% of them are poor and can’t afford policies like the ones enacted during the Clinton years.

So who are these women Peter Dou and #HillaryMen are so nobly defending? I suspect they are very similar to the black people Ben Carson’s fans seek to protect in their newfound crusade against racism. And they are the same women Sarah Palin’s fans sought to defend. The select members of the powerful American elite. And who are they protecting them from? Why, us racist, sexist, horrible people on the left, of course.

PS: I admit my choice of words was stupid. Where I come from (Detroit) we often speak colloquially of someone being “your boy” or “your girl” if you like them. Many black people refer to Obama as “my boy.” It’s how we speak here. I should have been more careful, especially considering the topic of conversation. Kids, don’t do this on the internet. The subtleties are lost, and it’s fundamentally wrong for young women seeing a female world figure and cultural icon referred to as “girl”. I expect Hillary Men would have forgiven me had I referred to “my girl Hillary” in a supportive tweet, but that’s a separate issue. Dou’s gross disregard for the real circumstances of real women in service of an elite American hawkish politician doesn’t change the fact that I shouldn’t have spoken that way.

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