Blogs vs. Social Media

Thinking about Andrew Sullivan retiring the Dish makes me consider my own inconsistent relationship with blogs and writing. As it did for many, my attention turned to social media a few years ago and much of my blog reading came through links and posts of friends. But I feel like social media lacks the life the blogosphere had.

Facebook? Twitter? Ugh. I’m thankful for Facebook for the social contact it allows with friends and family. But the ignorance…the dead, dead dumbness of so much of it. We all have the Tea-Party relative, the Positive-Thinking cousin, and so forth. And Twitter…I absolutely loathe Twitter. I tried it, didn’t like it and quit. Then I went back when it became the place to be for politicos, journalists, and new media voices. And then I began to truly hate it. The shameless tit-for-tat, begging for retweets, the pathetic stampedes to find the perfect one-liner. It’s really just an awful, toxic culture.

I feel like I get more out of loyally checking out five or ten blogs a week than hearing from fifty sources every hour. How many major stories are even getting talked about at a time, anyway? What is the benefit to reading thirty hot-takes of the same story?

I was thinking the inverse of this dynamic is also true. If I’m blogging for personal enjoyment rather than as a career, I’d rather have fifty loyal readers that will check out my work even when I go days or weeks between posts than a thousand readers who demand daily updates to stay entertained.

There’s no real point to this post. I’m just musing about this blog specifically and The Blog in general. I’ve missed it, kind of.

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