Thanks, Sully

My feelings toward Andrew Sullivan’s blog have ranged the gamut. Frustration to admiration, sometimes cheering, sometimes eye-rolling. And the internet is suffering no shortage of eulogies so I will be brief.

The thing I always admired most about Andrew’s blog is his willingness to examine his own opinions, reconsider them, consider the thoughts of his dissenters and express his doubts. You saw him grow as a person, not just as a writer. I think this was what gave him the following he has, compared to so many of his contemporaries who have basically been recycling the same posts for years.

He was also generous and diligent with posting emails from readers with links to their own blogs as possible. He linked to mine once, for which I was grateful. (In typical form, I squandered the traffic by not posting for weeks afterward.)

As frustrated as I often was with it, I read his blog regularly and I will miss it a lot. Thanks, Andrew. All the best to you.

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