Islam is not the problem, and if you think it is, you are.

Islamic jihadist terrorists want desperately, above all else, to lead all of Islam in an uprising against the world’s powers. To this end, they claim to represent all of Islam and indeed Allah himself. They want a Islam vs. The West war and they want the power and status that comes from being Islam’s vanguard in that war.

I am considered an appeaser because I refuse to grant them this status. I refuse to acknowledge an insane and imaginary holy war that pits the world’s billion Muslims against European and American culture. I want to deny them the status they seek and leave them to be considered what they are – criminals who should be hunted down and brought to justice. I want them to be nobodies. I want their names to be forgotten, not hung on posters.

Most, it seems, of the American commentariat seems ready to fearfully grant them all the status they desire. White faces, nodding solemnly, are tripping over themselves in the media to hand these zealots all of Islam on a silver platter by portraying them as the embodiment of Islam itself. Islam is violent, they say. Islam is a civilization that is engaging in a “clash”, led by these vanguard jihadists, with The West.

Why is not considered appeasement to expend vast amounts of air and ink in an effort to make every Islamic terrorist’s bloodiest dream come true? Why are those of us who resist and deny the terrorist’s world view the appeasers while the people who are taking their claims, affirming them, and spreading them as gospel considered the “serious” people who really understand the threat?

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